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Google gadget app for Simplenote

I am that kind of person who likes to keep lists. Mostly because if I don’t, I forget. I the old days I used paper notes, but when iGoogle was launched I quickly started using gadgets to collect my notes. Because I have a PC or laptop arround most of the day, keeping notes with iGoogle was quite efficient. When I bought an iPhone I wanted to have my notes with me everywhere. Because iGoogle did not have a good user experience on the iPhone I started looking for a better solution. I found Simplenote. This service supports serveral devices, browsers and more. It also hase a public Restfull API which you can use to connect.

Unfortunately Simplenote did not have a Google gadget app. Because I got quite attached to my iGoogle page, I decided to create a Simplenote gadget. The gadget I created has basic Simplenote support. It can create, edit, sync and delete notes. I had a lot of fun building the gadget with javascript and JQuery.

You can find the app in the Google Gadget Directory and install it from there. Any comments on this app are greatly appreciated.