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Upgrade to WordPress 3.0 and iPhone access

For some time now I wanted be able to make posts on my blog through my iPhone. No particular reason, I just seemed cool to me. I decided to make my blog accessible for mobile devices and found some plugins which make this possible. I noticed that WordPress 3.0 was out so I decided to upgrade WordPress as well. I made some backups and downloaded the zip file. Diasabled my plugins and copied the extracted zip to my hosting server. Keep the wp-content folder in tact, only overwrite the files and subfolders which came with the zip file. Next login to the backend and let wordpress patch your database. Activate you plugins again and you’re done.

Looking into iPhone accessibility I found out that there is a Worpress app in the app store. I quickly installed and started writing this post from my iPhone. Although type is a lot slower, it is just fun.

I also wanted to make the frontend more accessible for mobile browsers. I installed the plugin WordPress PDA & iPhone. I gives a simple but effective interface to your blog. I am all happy now :)