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Remove photo’s from camera with iPhoto

Ever since Image capture is not available anymore for Mac OSX, I don’t have an easy way of cleaning up photo’s on my Canon Ixus camera. It’s simply not possible in iPhoto to delete selected photo by pressing backspace or draging them to the dustbin.

You do have the option to delete photo’s after you’ve imported them, but I usually don’t use it because I like to keep recent photo’s on my camera for a little while. But once in while you need to clean up your memory card.

The only way to delete a selection of photo’s I discovered so far is to import already imported photo’s again. At the end of the import, iPhoto will ask you to delete the photo’s on the camera.I wonder if there is a better way.

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  1. februari 4th, 2013 at 21:36

    Maurice says:

    I found the right program for the task. OSX ships by default with Image Capture (Fotolader in Dutch) which is just a simple interface to the connected camera. This tools allows you to delete selected photos directly from your device.

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